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Custom Cutting for Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Composites and Much More
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Waterjet head cutting metal art
Envision Rapid C

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Envision Rapid Cutting (ERC) offers waterjet-cutting services to clients with demanding projects.  Our computer-controlled equipment cuts your most complex design from virtually any material with exacting accuracy. 

ERC uses environmentally-friendly, high-pressure methods to cut acrylics, aluminum, brass, copper, stone, steel plate, sheet metals, titanium, polymers and much, much more.  Using your design specifications, we can quickly deliver custom parts and prototypes in numbers from one to thousands.

Our regional and national clients work in oil and gas, manufacturing, architecture, agriculture, engineering, design and more.  They are engineers, artisans, design professionals, tradesmen and businesses from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and throughout the greater U.S.A.

For a free consultation, phone Gene at:

(405) 831-2085

Gene "The Cutter Man" Caple, President
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