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ABOUT Envision Rapid Cutting

Envision Rapid Cutting (ERC) is a custom cutting job shop.  Our state-of-the-art WardJet ZX-613  waterjet cutting equipment can cut virtually any material - steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, stone, marble, ceramic, composite materials available today.

As a dynamic young business, we can provide you with the personal attention and flexible production schedules that ensure incredibly quick turnarounds.  We are your waterjet cutter, specialists in taking your design plans and turning them into reality.


For many materials, waterjet cutting is the preferred machining technique and ERC can offer you the most cost-efficient production processing available. 


Gene’s family lived for many years in Weatherford, Oklahoma, where he visited often and where he fell in love with the region  near Oklahoma City and the people of Oklahoma.  When he retired from the real estate industry, it didn’t take long for Gene to find the right business and the environment to start life anew.


Now his passion for this exciting, high-tech cutting method has him engaged in meeting the needs of his clients from  New York to California.



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